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Just imagine that this is something insightful and in depth about my humanity and character and flaws as a human being that no one ever reads anyway


Whispers to all of the Avengers for Age of Ultron


I see all of this Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. hype, but he’s a gross, misogynist asshole, so I’m confused?

Sure. Let’s just applaud this racist, homophobic, antisemitic dick sneeze because he’s “charismatic”.

i actually cant tell if you’re being serious or not but if you are


"I found someone who was much smarter than me. I’d like to think I’m with her until the wheels fall off."

Robert Downey Jr., who married Susan Levin nine years ago, on August 27, 2005.

these two <3


*shows up 15 minutes late with a crappy dorito comic*

Origin Stories: CAPTAIN DORITO (this is part 1) (part 2 out next week or something)

Click here for other Avengers comics

Tony is a national treasure



more like, i’m not touching this fic with a ten foot pole are you fucking kidding me

yes yes, NO. NEVER.


Jared helping Jensen tweet for the first time [x]


So my cousin was in a gay pride parade and everything in her outfit and makeup was rainbow but she was wearing red contacts and while marching, a protester behind her yelled “You’re going straight to hell” and she turns around to face him with her fuCKING blood red eyes and she says “well duh, I got a kindom to run” and the protester nearly fucking passed out that is her legacy I want to be like her